Saturday, March 8, 2008

Womenfolk in the Cowboy State?

Ok first comment, and it will be snarky, I freely admit, but here goes. The Cowboy State? More recent connotations of the word have made that nickname cringe-worthy since the Napoleon of Crime-Master of Disaster-Darth Sidious himself has risen to power. His foreign policy certainly is cowboy. The Democratic party in the home state of Dick Chaney is actually going to matter and is energized for the Democratic process. And even more shocking, energized to vote for either a bi-racial man with a Muslim dad, or a patrician white woman with a husband like Bill. A husband with a past.

I am not a Hillary supporter for many reasons, but I am heartened to see that we are past the days of Geraldine Ferraro. I was not old enough to vote then, but I have a long memory...nearly photographic. I recall how the press and the people treated her. Ferraro was a brilliant woman, an ex-teacher, a lawyer, District Attorney with the Special Victims Bureau, and three term congresswoman. In congress, she served on the Public Works Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Post Office Committee. She served a term as the Secretary of the House Democratic Caucus, the first woman in that position. She was the Chairwoman of the Platform Committee for the 1984 DNC Convention. A serious candidate with real experience.

So what happened? Redneck men and their womenfolk appearing all over newscasts saying they couldn't vote for a woman because she couldn't be tough enough with the Soviets, by virtue of being a woman. Then Red Dawn. Chinese paratroopers dropping in on Kansas! Be very afraid of a girl answering the big red phone!!! These people were unaware of Iron Lady Thatcher, Indira Gandi, And Golda Meir. One guy who to my shame, was in NJ, said something like well, making the excuse that those women were foreign and raised tougher some bullshit like that.

But what seemed the most unfair was that she like other female candidates, Jeanine Piro for example, was held responsible not simply for everything she herself did, but for her husband as well. Ferraro's husband John Zaccaro, had a past. And questions were raised about his real estate business-possible mob connections and tax returns. Men running for office are not expected-if their wives have an actual job, to know everything she does, everyone she does business with, and every dime she spends. Apparently they believe women monitor their men to such an obsessive extent that there NO way a wife can be fooled by her husband.

Following this line of illogic...wouldn't that make us not only castrating bitches, something GAF was called by Ma Barker-Barbara Bush. I would call her a she-wolf but I like wolves, and after Micsha, and the Bush Administration's call for mob hits on wolves this week, I just can't. Wouldn't this mean that WE were the smarter sex then?

As of now Obama is far ahead. Something I'm pretty happy about. But I'm very glad Bill isn't the anchor around her leg pulling her under, and that's there's very little snickering about a woman in, near around the Oval Office. Go Cowboy State!

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