Saturday, March 1, 2008

Raised by Wolves

No I'm not talking about Bush, or his far too numerous relations. Who would have expected rich, malevolent WASPs to have such large families? Ma Barker-Barbara Bush gave birth to five? I'm referring to everyone's favorite offensive crazy lady, Mischa Defonseca. My friend Brooke e-mailed me with a good question: Wouldn't the wolves have made a snack of her before sundown? No, as crazy as it seems there are many instances of wolves, and other animals taking in human children. However, the habits of the wolf pack certainly would have left their mark on a seven year old child in their care. Think Tarzan. And by the way, for those who haven't read the books, Tarzan was most accurately portrayed in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984). Tarzan was taught to speak by the French explorers who found him on the Escarpment so after Apish (Apese?), his first language was French. Christopher Lambert's accent was totally in character, Johnny Weissmuller's "Me Tarzan-you Jane!" was not. Though, unfortunately these real-life Feral Children are usually about as proficient with language as in Weissmuller's portrayal.

I found this on :

Wolf children

There are a large number of wolf children in the list, in particular from India. One explanation is that women with young children or babies would leave their infants at the edge of a field while working, and wolves would emerge from the forest and steal them.

Specifically, it's believed that a she-wolf whose cubs have been killed (and this is the specific theory put forward in the sources for Kamala and Amala) might be attracted to human babies, her maternal instincts all-powerful.

So it seems wolves might have adopted her, if she was less annoying then she is now. I had a dog whose breed had a great deal of Arctic wolf in them. My Andrew even howled at the moon-from the tip of the diving board of my pool though. He had a real affinity for babies, picking them up if they fell over toddling, watching them anxiously when they swam, even getting in to swim with them. He once tried to drag me up by my suit when I spent too much time for his comfort swimming underwater. He would however find other wolf-doggy activities to occupy his time if you annoyed him. In my opinion, the wolves would have abandoned her.

I was incorrect, last post when I said that this God-awful book was first published by foolish Europeans. They certainly ran with the defective ball, 30,000 copies in France and Italy, a French film,and I swear-an opera in Italy. Barnum was right about us...the original foolish publishers were in Massachusetts. Amazingly, incredibly, she starts out telling her story in a temple, suckering a really gullible rabbi and congregation.

This article in Slate. com perfectly sums up what I feel, the more I read about this woman.
Why did it take so long for her to be called out for her lies? Don't we research anything anymore? Are we so afraid of being called bigots that any story dealing with the Holocaust is accepted? Allowing things like this to go unchallenged insults all those who suffered and died.

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