Saturday, March 8, 2008

The best summation of the CW I've read

Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses. Already HRC is spinning this as another state that is little so not a big deal that she lost it. The following diary from Granny Doc at Kos is the best explanation I've seen of some really confusing events. Well, confusing if you listen to the MSM and can't count.

  1. Barack Obama won the delegate race in Texas by picking up 4 more delegates than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton did NOT win Texas, inspite of CNN's constant repetition of her "3 state sweep" meme. The results of last Tuesday were Clinton 2 states (Ohio and Rhode Island), and Obama 2 (Vermont and Texas). Each candidate won one large and one small state. It was a tie.

(I am using a technique of small words, oft repeated, because they keep telling us how complicated it is, how we don't understand, and how unfair this damned caucus process is. In other words they're stupid so we must be stupid too.)

  1. NAFTA-gate is a prime example of chanting the media line, having settled on a script and being unwilling to adjust that script, in spite of the many conflicting bits of information that keep leaking out of the Canadian Government. Senator Obama's unpaid campaign economic advisor told the Canadian consulate that the Senator was not going to abandon NAFTA, but would require renegotation of several aspects of the treaty.

Someone took some variant of "minutes" of that conversation which were then leaked as a "memo" at the instigation of a fellow in the Prime Minister's office. When challenged PM Stephen Harper denied any intentions to interfer with the US elections. Turns out that was not true. Those minutes were written to contain statements that all of the principals have denied, but served to give a boost to uninformed voters who favor the Clinton campaign.

  1. The Clinton campaign has cast this primary as one of experience. Senator Clinton has no more experience with the day to day details of running the Executive Office than any other Presidential spouse. Standing around with Chelsea while dance groups perform in exotic costumes, staying in palaces, and using the military and Secret Service agencies in droves to protect their persons, and generally making her way around the stage of public appearances, is NOT experience in executive management. It does provide diplomatic experience, however. Maybe Hillary could be made Ambassador to Urdustan?

Hillary Clinton has brow beaten the media into recasting her failures as success. Hillary Clinton does not lead in the popular vote, she did not win Michigan, as she was the only name on the ballot, and her name recognition in Florida (in early January) does not constitute a "win". Given that tens of thousands of voters did not participate in either state since they knew that the primaries, and subsequent delegate selections, would not count at the convention, to claim these as wins is the height of arrogance. Senator Clinton spins reality with the same lack of respect for truth as George Bush. And, the media continues to repeat her fantasies, unquestioningly.
  1. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate example of the "old politics". She brings nothing new to the table. She has been in the pocket of big pharma, the health insurance industry, and the MIC for the past 20 years. She has taken much of her financing from these industries, and she will not be able to effect change that cuts off the spigot to the contracts, activities, and control of the legislative agenda, that these power players demand. Her compaign is working valiently to conceal and distort this record, and present Ms. Clinton as an agent of "change". Can't happen, media. Get out there and track down her real history. Not just the spin of Penn and Wolfson.

You are failing us once again.

You screwed around with your love affair with George Bush, destroyed Al Gore, and are directly responsible for the past 7 years of horror. It's on your head. But, you can redeem yourselves, if you revert to journalism, rather than these Heather infatuations that float your boat.

I couldn't have said it better.

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