Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Streets of Fire

The geeks over at Ain't it Cool are freaking out over a potential sequel to Streets of Fire. I have to say I agree with them. This is one of my favorite ridiculous movies of all time.

I was a sophmore in High School when I saw this with my best friend, her boyfriend-future ex fiance, and her first cousin, the one who looked like Vince Neil, back when he was hot. My parents were away and they didn't know we went up the mountain to West Orange on the the cousins' dad's Harleys. I would have been punished for a decade I think.

I can recall doing the dance from this scene in the parking lot, and goofing around in the cafeteria at long as the nuns would allow it.

What woman wouldn't like a man who tells her " if you ever need me for something...I'll be there."

I will be quite angry if they really screw with my little cult movie...

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