Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reason 2,335,001 NOT to vote for this man

McCain was called McNasty in High School. High School. He went to Episcopal High School, what was then an all-boys boarding school. In single sex schools, the kids tend to be a bit tougher, in part because of the fierce competition, in part because the absence of the opposite sex frees them from having to adhere to good manners, civility-in short nobody around to impress. So the fact that he managed to hurt or offend enough of his classmates that they nicknamed him McNasty...well, we now know neither old age, infirmity, the military, losing to Bush and spending eight years kissing his monkey ass, or the five years in the Hanoi Hilton gave him his simply delightful personality. I found this over at Wonkette, and traced it to the original at Raw Story.

Apparently, McNasty, which is what I intend to keep calling the old bastard for as long as it pleases me, it makes him sound like a member of 2 Live Crew, used a word for a woman, or a part her anatomy that makes most women want to beat the user of this word with a aluminum baseball bat. He called his wife this word, and said it in front of aides and reporters! Presumably some lobbyists too.

The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn't by Cliff Schecter seems like it will give the Dems plenty of ammunition for the rest of the campaign.

Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain's intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." McCain's excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.

I think much of the unease many Republicans have with this man is not that he is secretly liberal, he's not, but that's he's a crazy loose cannon who will make their party look as bad as Bush does-having the GOP standard bearer going from an idiot to a maniac does not help their public image at all. They are already losing seats. Shining a light on McNasty? That will certainly restore faith in Repuplican judgment and common sense.

Can't you see how a guy who does this:
Perhaps the most remarkable story of McCain's temper involved Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi. Two former reporters covering McCain, one who witnessed the following events and one who confirmed the facts provided by the first, relayed it to me as follows: In 2006, the Arizona Republican congressional delegation had a strategy meeting. McCain repeatedly addressed two new members, congressmen Trent Franks and Rick Renzi, as 'boy.' Finally, Renzi, a former college linebacker, rose from his chair and said to McCain, "You call me that one more time and I'll kick your old ass." McCain lunged at Renzi, punches were thrown, and the two had to be physically separated. After they went to their separate offices, McCain called Renzi and demanded an apology. Renzi refused. Apparently this posture made McCain admire him, as they became fast friends.

...will handle delicate international diplomacy? I bet sometime soon they will all be wishing they had collectively been a bit less prejudiced, and gone with the plastic Mormon dog-torturer.

This also demonstrates how much the press really does love McNasty...or fears his wrath.

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