Monday, April 21, 2008

I just want to slap James Carville sometimes!

Explanation needed, I guess. It seems Arianna Huffington feels that way too, judging by the expression on her face as the man used up all the oxygen in the room. Tonight, I attended "The Minds That Move The World: The first annual Radio City Music Hall Speaker Series, a timely and important series of events that will provide attendees with a unique framework for understanding America's current political landscape."

Maybe men really are dogs after all: I got to see James Carville bark loudly and snap a lot, Tucker Carlson roll over, and Anderson Cooper play dead.

First, Tucker...well, now, seems somebody does not like being a Conservative Republican these days. He twice made reference to himself as a Libertarian, made fun of Bush's wrong-headedness on everything having to do with Iraq, said he disliked the fact that he had never been overseas before he became President and that his lack of intellectual curiosity sent chills down his spine. In fact, it was the most reasonable I have ever seen him. His biggest, though brief moments of old Tucker bullshit came when he tried to declare McCain a true MAVERICK. Hecklers in the crowd, called bullshit on him as he started in on this, telling a story of how McCain had the chutzpah to tell farmers in Iowa that he really hated Ethanol. Wow, Tucker that was the best you could come up with? Though later, and the cry of bullshit was yet again heard echoing around Radio City, he made a point about the future General Election campaign against McNasty is going to have a heavy element of ageism. God, I hate it when he makes me agree with him. Damn the man!

Have you seen this? Proves Tucker's point.

I'm unsure if Anderson Cooper stayed awake the entire time. I think it was nap time for Gloria's little boy. Either that or he was terrified of Carville in pit bull on a rampage mode. Whatever. The result was that he asked some perfunctory questions then stepped back and let them have at each other.

Though I have to say, I can't blame him for being freaked out by being placed in close proximity of James Carville. One should have to wear a special protective suit, like a beekeeper, or the bomb squad. Several years ago, I was an audience member at a taping of the Carson Daly show, when it was still in New York and only sucked half as much as it does now-how is he still on the air? The guest that night was Mike Tyson. After the face tattoo. He brought his pigeons. And nearly crushed one to death in his hand as he ranted maniacally about something that made sense only to him.

I was reminded of this watching Carville on stage tonight. He fidgeted like he had parasites in his shorts, and was basically a sixty-three year old man behaving like a disturbed and bratty six year old. He must have been hell to teach. He actually got angry when Ariana tried to finish speaking and kept interrupting her, then claimed she was interrupting him. The most import thing learned from his little performance was that the Clinton campaign is finally realizing that as he put it winning is "still possible but not probable." And that the rifts have to be healed for the good of the party. He kept repeating " ...If Obama is the nominee I will support him 1000%!" None of the panelists believed that the people who claim they would vote McNasty if their candidate loses will actually follow through on their threats. But Carville clearly showed that it is dawning on the HRC people that their fellow democrats are very disturbed by the actions and style of her campaign. He was walking a weird fine line of aggressive tenaciousness and conciliatory gestures. He knows they've lost and mistakes were made...but let's talk about how great the Clinton years were! Don't forget your history! Painful to watch someone as facile as Carville attempt to rationalize HRC's actions to people suffering from Tucker's phrase "Clinton Fatigue".

Arianna was the only one who sounded consistently rational, and spin-free, though she did slip in a plug for her new book. She tried to talk more about the part the main stream media has played in destroying our democracy, but the 2 former and 1 current CNN employees were not going to go there.

Over all, an interesting evening but no big surprises. As Carville kept repeating we have to wait 24 hours for something new to talk about.

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