Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time To Stop Fuming Over the RNC, and Write About It

"I cried, I am livid, I did not need to be upset like this today. I cannot believe they showed that video to aid ANY political agenda. And to hear the clapping and happy crowd afterwards was enough to make me sick to my stomach. What the hell has happened to America???"

That was a quote from Independent Means on HuffPost regarding the 9/11 "Tribute" played at the Republican National Convention before McCain spoke.

And I thought allowing Rudy Giuliani was to speak was in poor taste. By now, we all know he parrots 9/11 like he has Tourette's. Keith Olbermann was incensed, and shocked, but I have to say after the pageant of ignorance, bigotry, self-righteousness, and selfishness displayed in the previous days...who can really be shocked that they chose to whip out the trump card of Chutzpah, and exploit Sept 11th for all its' worth.

I lived in Hoboken, NJ then. I had just moved from the suburbs of Essex County after my parents deaths, and had the typical suburban New Jerseyian's desire to be near New York City, coupled with the fear of actually living there. (Needless to say, I got over it.) I was exhausted, traumatized and needed a fresh start. I watched the towers fall from the tip of Hoboken, a park near the PATH train station standing in my pajamas, having chased my cat there. He smelled smoke, and thought he had to get to the water, perhaps he thought the entire town was on fire. He won't tell me. I walked back, clutching my struggling animal-who was now certain we were all going to die, in a daze, and did what I had done in times of extreme stress since I was a small child. I sat in my bedroom closet, and closed the door.

I didn't think the footage was as graphic as Olbermann, but I think I was as offended. Using an event as tragic and traumatic as this for political gain is beyond classless, beyond tasteless, beyond vulgar. And when the political party doing this is the party that was in power during the event...that's truly vile.

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