Monday, February 25, 2008

I believe we all know why he did what he did now....

I recall thinking it was weird that Mitt Romney merely suspended his campaign, rather than end it entirely. I saw 3 possible scenarios.

1. Mitt is vindictive, and keeping hold of his close to 300 delegates was his charming way of being a spoiler.

But then I thought, naw...he wants to be president so, so, so badly. Doing that would be political suicide. That would be crazier than strapping your dog to the roof of...your...damn, he's done that.

2. Mitt is delusional. (That's it...I'll lie on the bottom of the swamp, letting my wounds heal, and then when McCain least expects it, I'll spring up from the mud, and pounce. He'll never see it coming!!!)

He is delusional. A Mormon who wants to be the standard bearer for the party of religious intolerance? Does he not realize that all those Conservative Christian Cocksuckers think he is in a cult? A cult scarier than Scientology?

3. Our dear Mittens KNOWS something. Something that might make even the CCC's suddenly see him as the best they've got.

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